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What sets Apogee Investment Management apart from brokers, banks, advisors and other wealth managers?

Apogee Investment Management was established to fill the void between what clients receive in terms of service, and what they truly deserve. All too often, wealth management companies lose focus on client needs and service as they begin to favor increased profitability and additional revenue. Once this begins to happen, clients become numbers, individuality is lost, service declines and clients become displeased. This is not the case at AIM as the sole focus is on the client, their families and their individualized wealth management needs.  AIM is independently owned and operated, and specifically structured to be without conflicts of interest. The fee structure is simple and transparent, there are no “products” to sell, no proprietary mutual funds are used, no outside revenue is collected from any source, and all technical and fundamental research is done in house.
The focus is solely on the client, and AIM is committed to providing a superior wealth management experience aimed at enhancing clients’ lives and their financial security. AIM is unique in its structure, its wealth management approach (as a financial quarterback), and its laser-like focus on client service. Very few companies can claim these as being true as many are fraught with the brokerage house approach of gathering as many clients and assets as possible. Many times, they have one goal in mind: sell high commission products with a focus on their own and their company’s bottom lines. Summary: Our approach is simple--we align ourselves with (and serve) our client’s interests through our independent ownership, simple and transparent fee structure (no products to sell), in-depth and independent research process--all the while making ourselves available to clients at any time. We truly are a client-centric company!



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