Wealth Management means different things to different people—just like client needs and financial circumstances are unique to each individual.

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Choosing a wealth manager is one of the most important and personal decisions a client will make in their lifetime. Trust is earned and we know that. But we have structured the company to provide comfort to clients in knowing that we “sit on the same side of the desk as the client” and look out for their best interests. We also have experience--AIM’s founder and President have over 55 years of experience and have previously managed over $1.5 billion in assets combined. They understand the complexities and intricacies of managing significant wealth and have the aptitude to keep up with today’s changing financial & investment landscape. Clients have entrusted AIM with one of the most important undertakings in their life --managing their personal wealth...we respect that, don’t take it lightly and will do our absolute best for a positive and happy outcome.
The top priority at AIM is to protect the assets that clients have worked so hard to accumulate during their lifetime. This means working with them to find an asset allocation that fits their risk tolerance and future withdrawal needs, while also using individual investments that do the same.
Our employees have significant financial industry experience and have dedicated much of their professional lives to ensuring that clients are satisfied and happy with their financial wealth management concerns. Our combined total of 85 years of service between our three main employees demonstrates our dedication to client service and willingness to provide clients with the best possible service and individualized wealth management solutions.  


Today’s wealth management firms are often structured to maximize the bottom line instead of serving clients. AIM is different in that it is structured to focus on client service and dedicated to helping clients realize the safety, stability and growth they desire financially. AIM’s founder is devoted to keep the client to employee ratio relatively small to ensure consistent delivery of client service. Clients are our focus, not the top or bottom line of the company. This is vastly different from the “sales and growth oriented” focus of today’s large institutions and brokerage firms. Clients are a name, a face, a story and part of our family at AIM, not a number—and never will be


loyalty is to the client—and always will be. The company is focused on existing clients and their financial happiness as opposed to growth and further profitability. AIM is devoted to providing clients with a sense of safety, stability and financial well-being that is often lost at larger institutions as they grow larger and larger.  


Our fee schedule is not only simple and very transparent, it is well below the industry average. We will attend meetings with you and your lawyer, your accountant, and other financial professionals at your discretion—all at no extra cost. The exclusive care, individual attention, and complete wealth management services received at AIM combined with the client’s overall low cost brings a tremendous value to each and every customer.  


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